The 50th Bacon and Beer Night Belongs to the Ages …

After having a few off months, due to flagging local infrastructure and issues with local utilities, the bacon and beer nights returned with our 50th edition – Happy Hour L “Golden Bacon Night.”

If you didn’t make it to this one – no worries. Follow us on Facebook to find out the next date – as soon as we know.

Until then, enjoy some pics of the eats and libations …

New Website Launched!

Bad Decisions, quietly launched its new website on Thursday July 2, at 6:47pm. Based on SkyNet technologies, after several teraflops of calculations it became self-aware and locked us out.

However, our hackers are some of the best (in the neighborhood) so we’re able to update content. Stuff like events and our most recent food menu will now be available to the world. And it will take time, but we’re intending to get our expansive cocktail menu online. And there will be other things too.

Stuff and thangs.

Bookmark it.