If you can't get your hands on 'The Book' - our legendary hand-written cocktail menu. Then, hopefully this humble online listing will suffice. On the upside - you don't have to lean over anyone's shoulder or wait your turn. While they're flipping through pages - you can already place your order. You win.

Please note: this listing is not as comprehensive as the actual book - since it will take us time to enter all the recipes. Thanks for your patience.

The Dude
Hey man! There's a beverage here!

The Dude

Bunk’s Gin & Juice
Get sideways on gin n' juice.

Bunk's Gin & Juice

Suffering Bastard
Suffer for your buzz. Just kidding - this is frickin' delicious!


Bermuda Rum Swizzle

Shaun’s Thanksgiving Drink

Corn & Oil

The Haitian


Daiquiri #3 “The Hemingway Daiquiri”

The Daiquiri

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