If you can't get your hands on 'The Book' - our legendary hand-written cocktail menu. Then, hopefully this humble online listing will suffice. On the upside - you don't have to lean over anyone's shoulder or wait your turn. While they're flipping through pages - you can already place your order. You win.

Please note: this listing is not as comprehensive as the actual book - since it will take us time to enter all the recipes. Thanks for your patience.

Blackbeard’s Ghost
Blackbeard was a pirate and stuff.

Chris is surly. The drink is tasty.

Horse’s Neck
A brandy cocktail.

Hershel’s Barn
Secrets. It's full of secrets.

Hershel's Barn at Bad Decisions.

Carte Blanche
You've got free reign to enjoy yourself.

Carte Blanche at Bad Decisions.

Widow’s Kiss
The widow's kiss will leave your head spinning.

The Widow's Kiss at Bad Decisions

The Vieux Carre
Cognac. Classy.

Zombie Island (as seen on TV)
As seen on Drinking Made Easy with Zane Lamprey. One per customer per night.

2015-07-11 17.24.28

Blue Balls
This drink won't leave you hanging.

2015-07-08 20.57.54

Blood & Sand
As Spartacus before you, prepare to earn blood and sand. Or just buy it. It's delish!

2015-07-08 19.10.08

Corpse Reviver #37
Make your own Walking Dead jokes. We'll smile.

2015-07-08 18.38.14

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